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Fully Integrated Owner/Resident Portal

The Foxfire resident management tools afford a resident the ability to create a private account through a backend portal or dashboard. This dashboard is the main source of communication between the resident and Foxfire Property Management, Inc. The resident will have their own home page with information communicated to them both individually and for the entire association. Pertinent news and information regarding their specific property with be disseminated on their home page. The resident will be able to submit a maintenance request and watch the back and forth communication between them and the property manager until the maintenance request has been completed and closed. A record of all communication for maintenance requests are stored on their home page.

There is a document section that affords the resident to view and download any of the documents associated with their property. All contact information for their property is clearly displayed such as manager name and contact information.

Foxfire Property management, Inc. will be able to communicate with an individual resident or all residents at once. This communication can be done through the dashboard and appear on an individual home page or globally to all owners. Communication can also be done through an email blast or through a text feature for immediate or time sensitive communication. Foxfire Property Management, Inc. also has the ability to manage job postings and applicant tracking in order to maintain and accurate and up to date employment section a,d also has the ability to accept and process payments.

Please contact Glenn Neagle for a demonstration of this robust value added feature. Glenn can be reached at (603) 228-2151 x324